Tanzcafé Arlberg Music Festival

Tanzcafé Arlberg Music Festival

The Tanzcafé Arlberg Music Festival will once again transform the Arlbergs' breathtaking landscape into a unique open-air stage during the first two weeks of April this year.

31/03/ - 14/04/2024


The Sound of Music reloaded

Unmistakable melodies, groovy beats and rousing songs will echo from the mountain to the valley, whilst a lively mix of swing, big band, electro swing, pop, funk, soul and more infuses the crisp mountain air with fresh sounds.

Fantastic shows with great live bands will be staged on the sun terraces and in the ski huts. This time around, the Tanzcafé Arlberg has been conceived as a purely open-air festival, once again coupling the peak of the sunshine skiing season with a high-quality and entertaining music programme

Let’s dance to the sound of music!