Tips: Ski routes and slopes

The highlights at Lech Zürs ski resort

Skiing and a heaping scoop of adventure: That’s what you’ll get if you give the unique slope and ski route highlights – Langer Zug, Mohnenfluh Runs or Zürser Täli – a try. Whether you prefer an athletic challenge or a leisurely downhill experience: In Lech Zürs, passionate winter sports enthusiasts all get their money’s worth.

Langer Zug

One of the world’s steepest groomed ski routes

Anyone who dares to tackle the ski route on Rüfikopf in Lech should not only have great skiing skills but also quite a bit of courage. Because the 4.7-kilometre downhill run has an 80 percent gradient at its steepest section! The extreme ski route doesn’t allow for any mistakes – but you will be duly rewarded with a first-class skiing experience.
Convenient: At the end of your ski day, you can ski all the way to your car at Schlosskopf day car park.

Facts at a glance

  • Total length: 4.7 km
  • Elevation loss: 370 m
  • Maximum gradient: 80 percent
  • Start: Rüfikopfbahn mountain station, at 2,362 m, via ski route 181 or ski route 215 in the direction of Schafalplift
  • Finish: day parking Schlosskopf / Schlosskopf lift valley station

The Lange Zug

The history of the celebrated ski run

Zürser Täli

Enjoyable runs away from the hustle and bustle

The ski route starts with a steep downhill section from Muggengrat, which then leads you into Zürser Täli. Steep powder snow runs line the high-alpine slope – perfect conditions for bouncy turns.

Zürser Täli at a glance

  • Total length: 4.2 km
  • Elevation loss: 720 m
  • Start: Muggengratbahn mountain station, 2,440 m
  • Finish: daytime parking Trittkopf / Flexenbahn/Trittkopfbahn I valley station 


Mohnenfluh Runs

Unknown and varied adventure ski runs

Pleasure-filled or challenging: Right next to Mohnenfluh, guests with athletic ambitions will find what they are looking for just as much as those who like to take it easy on the slopes. The starting point for this diverse snow highlight is located at Steinmähder mountain station.

Tip: The Mohnenfluh Runs offer pure skiing joy, especially on days with fresh powder snow and firn.