Funcross Karhorn

On the Funcross Karhorn, your skiing or snowboarding skills aren’t the only thing that matters. Creativity plays an important role, too. Because the speed track next to the Karhornbahn chairlift is exceptional in every regard! Whoever dares to tackle the track with its many waves, banked turns and jumps enjoys a snow cross experience of the extraordinary kind. 

Speedy thrills in Warth-Schröcken

All you need is the right flow and, of course, the right speed. After all, the timekeeping devices record your personal best time. Speed fans who want to prove their skills away from the standard race tracks definitely get their money's worth at Warth-Schröcken ski resort – thanks to the Funcross!

By the way: Winter sports enthusiasts with a need for speed will also find great opportunities for competing against others on the Salober race track and at the Speed Check.