Single tickets

and other rates

Whether you want to go on a hike along a high-altitude loop, have a tasty meal at a ski hut or mountain restaurant, or visit the interactive exhibition in the Hall of Fame: An ascent with the cable cars and lifts is well worthwhile even without winter sports equipment. Ski Arlberg also offers tickets for pedestrians and pleasure-seekers.

Lift Adults, Youths, Seniors     Children ²)
Galzigbahn 19.50 10.00
Vallugabahn I + II      19.50 10.00
Galzigbahn + Vallugabahn I     32.00 16.00
Galzigbahn + Vallugabahn I + II     34.00 17.00
Gampen- oder Nassereinbahn     19.50 10.00
Gampen-/Nassereinbahn + Kapallbahn     32.00 16.00
Rendlbahn (also for ski tourers) *)     19.50 10.00
St. Christophbahn 18.50 9.50
Albonabahn I (only for ski tourers) *) 15.00 7.50
Albonabahn I + II (only for ski tourers) *)  22.00 11.00
Albonabahn II (only for ski tourers) *) 19.50 10.00

Ascent and descent is only possible without winter sports equipment, with the exeption of toboggans at the Nassereinbahn. 
²) children's rate for children born 2006 to 2013
Children born in 2012 or later can use the lifts free of charge (A+D) if the accompanying adult(s) buy(s) a single ticket.
*) The staff of the cable car and lift facilities must be informed about the ascent of ski tourers.

Prices in euros and incl. 10% VAT. The rates and conditions may be subject to change.

Lift Adults Children
Schwarzwand- und Flühen * 2.30 1.80
Hinterwies * 3.10 2.30
Übungslift Oberlech * 2.30 1.80
Petersboden 12.00 9.00
Bergbahn Oberlech + Petersboden 24.00 18.00
Seekopf/Zürsersee 17.00 8.50
Zugerberg 18.00 13.00
Schlosskopf * 18.00 13.00
Weibermahd 18.00 13.00
Schlegelkopf 18.00 13.00
Rüfikopf ** 21.00 15.00
Trittkopf I 19.00 9.50
Trittkopf I + II 28.00 14.00
Trittkopf I, II + Flexen 36.00 18.00
Flexenbahn 19.00 10.00
Flexenbahn + Trittkopf I 28.00 14.00
Flexen + Trittkopf II 28.00 14.00
Flexen, Trittkopf I + II 36.00 18.00
Bergbahn Lech-Oberlech * 6.00 4.50
– 2 rides 12.00 9.00
– 12 rides 66.50
Sun Subscription Arlberg 141.00 85.00

** single ride also for ski tourers
* single ride also possible with winter sports equipment

All prices in euros and incl. VAT plus EUR 5.00 deposit for the SKI ARLBERG CARD.
The rates and conditions may be subject to change!

Sun Subscription

Ticket for guests without winter sports equipment

  Adults/Youths/Seniors  Children 1)
7 Days (with Photo) 132,00 79,00

1) Children's rate: born between 2006 and 2013, proof of age required! The transport of children passengers is subject to the general conditions of transport.

The Sun Subscription is valid at the following cable car and lift facilities (for ascent and descent):

St. Anton/St. Christoph:
Galzigbahn, Vallugabahn I, Vallugabahn II, Gampenbahn, Kapallbahn, Nassereinbahn, Rendlbahn, St. Christophbahn
Not valid for nighttime sledging and paragliding.

Zugerbergbahn, Rüfikopfbahn, Schlegelkopfbahn, Schlosskopfbahn, Bergbahn Oberlech until 18:00, Petersbodenbahn, Weibermahdbahn, Seekopfbahn, Zürserseebahn, Trittkopfbahn I & II, and Flexenbahn

Albonabahn II – only possible during times without ski operation.


All prices in euros and incl. VAT plus EUR 5.00 deposit for the SKI ARLBERG CARD. The terms and conditions of Ski Arlberg apply. Prices and other conditions are subject to change without notice! 


Reduced Ski Arlberg alternation-day-passes

Listen up, holders of the 3TälerPass and the season ticket for Warth-Schröcken: Holders of these two season tickets receive discounts on day passes. The following fare conditions apply:

Ski Arlberg Tageskarten für Mehrtageskarteninhaber 3-Täler-Pass1):

Adult Youth/Senior Children Schneemann2) Senior Activ2)
24,00 22,00 18,00 7,00 -

Ski Arlberg Tageskarten für Saisonkarteninhaber 3-Täler-Pass und Warth-Schröcken3):

Adult Youth/Senior Children Schneemann2) Senior Activ2)
41,00 37,00 24,00 7,00 20,00


1) Available in Warth-Schröcken and the entire Arlberg ski area with a valid 3Täler multi-day ski pass.
2) Alternatively Ski Arlberg season tickets available for €10.00 (Snowman) or €137.00 (Senior active).
3) maximum 5 days flexible tickets per winter season and per season ticket on presentation of the appropriate season ticket.

All prices per day per person in Euro.
Ski Arlberg fare conditions including yearly limits apply to Ski Arlberg flexible day tickets.

Limitation: Both Lech and Warth-Schröcken will apply restrictions on the sale of short-term ski passes for particular days if necessary, even after connection of skiing areas. This means that in the case of more than 14,000 skiers in Lech in Warth-Schröcken, no more Ski Arlberg day tickets will be sold, and there will be limited validity in the St. Anton, St. Christoph and Stuben areas. If Warth-Schröcken begins limitation (upwards of 8,000 skiers), no more day passes for Warth-Schröcken and no Ski Arlberg day passes will be sold there; furthermore, in Lech and St. Anton, St. Christoph and Stuben, only ski Arlberg-day tickets excluding Warth-Schröcken will be sold. During times of limitation, no more Ski Arlberg flexible day tickets will be available.