Race tracks

in St. Anton – St. Christoph – Stuben

Right in the middle of the action instead of just watching from the sidelines: Ambitious winter sports enthusiasts can show off their skills on the race tracks of St. Anton ski resort. Stand in the start hut, feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins, and hurl yourself down the course as soon as you hear the start signal. The race courses in St. Anton boast perfect conditions for this.

Speedy thrills on Arlberg

Speed takes centre stage on the Rendl Race track as well as on the Stanton Speed downhill run. What better opportunity to show everyone what you are made of – cheered on by friends and family!

Rendl Race

The permanent giant slalom race track on Rendl, ski run no. 8, provides an authentic race feeling. In the original start hut, everyone gets to feel like a true ski champion. During this thrilling experience, you’ll find out whether your dream of a new personal best time comes true.

Stanton Speed

On ski run no. 12, the Stanton Speed, everything revolves around achieving a personal best time, too. On the “schuss course”, the speed of each skier is measured. Once at the finish line, you’ll find out whether you’re among the top racers. Was your time better than that of the person who went before you – or maybe even today’s top speed? Visiting the Stanton Speed in St. Anton is a proven recipe for pure excitement and thrills!