A walk-in art installation - accessible with skis

Amidst the unique architecture of the underground Skyspace Lech, entirely new dimensions are revealed: upward towards the sky and inward during self reflection.

Worth experiencing for yourself: the Skyspace Lech in Oberlech

The Skyspace Lech is a newly created cultural highlight in Tannegg in Oberlech, which is accessible to visitors in both summer and winter.

Guided tours are also offered for visitors, among other things. The Skyspace-Lech is arguably most impressive during the time (not daytime), when the sun goes down and the night approaches. This is when the Skyspace-Concept with its specifically developed light art from James Turrell can be seen. Therefore, all guided tours are scheduled around the specific sunset-time of a chosen day.

After dusk falls, the light installation in the room bathes the walls and ceiling in changing coloured lights, so that the spatial structure, which was previously perceived as clean, seems to dissolve.


Where is the art installation by James Turrell located?

The Skyspace Lech is located above the last houses of Oberlech at the Tannegg. The "Tannegg" is a small hill above the top station of the Schlosskopf cable car. In summer and winter a hiking trail leads past it and is also easily accessible from the ski run to Oberlech. Nevertheless, at 1,780 meters, it lies above the populated area and offers a unique panorama.