Verwallstube | Galzig - Gourmet restaurant on the top




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High above St. Anton, embedded in snow covered peaks of the Arlberg snow paradise like Patteriol, Saumspitze, Kuchenspitze, Parseier and Valluga a place raises wide eyes. Skiers in ski clothes sit at chic and stylish tables enjoying noble wines and delicious culinary creations.


Connoisseurs – regardless of whether they are on a sporty or culinary journey – will find exquisite gourmet cuisine at 2,085 metres.




Here, the head chef Bernhard Neuhold from Lower Austria is busy working his magic. Just look at the menu: Wow! There is a serious expert at work here. This combination of food and flight is unique to Europe.


The weekly Candlelight Dinner on Thursday evenings is a very special treat. An evening ride with the Galzigbahn, the exquisite ambience under the stars, the award winning cuisine and romantic piano music have to be the absolute highlight of a holiday in St. Anton – it simply doesn’t get better than this!